What are Cookies?


A cookie is a small amount of information that is stored in the browser by a web page is accessed . The cookie is generated by the server hosting that page and that serves to identify the browser to access and can perform actions related to this browser, such as remembering the password from it.


The cookies used on Imaging Tech Iberia not harm your computer , and are not used to store information that personally identifies you or help us to know the identity of the user, just to gather some data on its way to navigate our way anonymous .

Importantly, the use of cookies does not provide personal data of the user.


If you continue using our website after receiving the information message at the foot relative to the use of cookies , we understand that you agree to our use of cookies and described in this policy. If you prefer not to use cookies on our site , you can still access it , although it is possible that your user experience is seen harmed by the lack of cookies.
The cookies we use

We detail below the types of cookies used by this website :

. 1 Cookies user input or Login : Used to identify the user and allow access to the inner section of the site. This cookie is necessary for navigation ; data obtained will not be provided to third parties.

2. Google Analytics cookies : On our site we use Google Analytics to measure the audience , and analyzed statistically :

March . Livezilla Cookies are used to directly contact us via Chat and thus make more effective our technical assistance or inform our customers ONLINE doubts they may have .

Removing Cookies

In the setup menu of your browser you can see the cookies installed in it, and remove or block future installations. Then we link the setup instructions for the most popular browsers:

Firefox : Mozilla Firefox



Safari: / kb/ph5042

New versions of each browser can be a change in the configuration process , so that the links provided are approximate.

If you're using a browser other than those listed above, you can find information on how to configure the installation of cookies in the help section of the same .

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